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Pakistan’s Leading Carbon Reducing Consultancy Company.

Green Energy Associates is one of the Pakistan’s leading innovative and independent engineering consultancy company. Founded 08 years ago, we have a unique expertise. We are trusted by government, international donors, manufacturing industry, regulators and utility companies to solve today’s most significant and urgent challenges in the fields of resource efficiencies e.g. energy, water, gas and the natural environment.

Our goal is simple and results focused to help our clients become most efficient and effective in a resource-and carbon-constrained economy. We bring together a unique mix of technical capability and commercial savvy to create outcomes for our clients that help them achieve and maintain competitive advantage in their market.

We have extensive experience with manufacturing industry of Pakistan, coupled with an intricate knowledge of key environmental issues, including resource efficiency, climate change, energy efficiency & conservation of water.

We are leading solution provider in the manufacturing sector. Offering a wide range of products and services, GEA currently has an established presence across the Pakistan. GEA aims to provide its clients solutions complete with consultancy, design, and installation and support services. With an extensive range of in-house and outsourcing capabilities, we offer outstanding advantage and value for our clients

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