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Pakistan’s Leading Carbon Reducing Consultancy Company.

Technical Trainings

GEA believes that training is the key to stay on track for energy conservation and We can never stop learning unless we stop working, training must be through and continuous to help not only to inform but also to change attitudes. Training allows the staff to explore new ideas, interchange them with experts and with other trainee participants, and feel more comfortable with the role they must fulfill. In turn, trained technical and management staff should be encouraged to provide in-house training to operating and lower level technical staff.

As a Energy Services Providing Company, GEA introduced following major areas  for training of technical staff to understand basic philosophy of energy management system and energy conservation approach in different technical areas.

In under mentioned areas, we are delivering training to technical staff on , the introduction of new technologies, process equipment, operating and maintenance procedures and energy documentation methods as requires at many levels. There is always a need to train new as well as experienced personnel in energy efficient operation of company facilities. The need for training in each should be reviewed periodically to assure that all new personnel are properly trained and to refresh the skills of existing personnel. We mostly give training to engineering/technical/supervisory and operators staff of factory.

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